Lay Back, Enjoy The Show…

Updated at 1:00 p.m. to add a photo at the bottom. First off, turn up the volume on your computer speakers. Then scroll down, find the video & click on play. I’m starting us off with one of our Sistahs, Sheryl Crow, who couldn’t have imagined when she released this album how true it was […]

Blogging In Russian

I seem to be getting a lot of comments from Russian-speaking WordPress bloggers lately, which is unfair because if I visit their WordPress blogs, they are in Russian (at least I think it’s Russian) and I cannot speak or read Russian, so I can’t find out anything about my Russian readers unless I get myself […]

Happy New Year & Welcome!

Thank Goodness It's 2009! Well, sports fans, I decided to take the plunge & start a more formal, official blog, with tags & auto-posting & widgets & all that good stuff. It means that I’ve already had to edit code, which is a minor nightmare for someone who doesn’t actually know how to write any […]