Daring To Be Powerful

Back when I was a young feminist, a nascent poet/writer/editor, a poetry performer long before such events were called slams, one of the women I admired hugely was Audre Lorde.  Her collection of essays, Sister Outsider, became one of my favorite references and touchstones.  Living in Boston, I had the great joy and privilege of […]

Help & Helplessness

October 3, 2013. Some of you may not know that I once had aspirations to become a rock star. I didn’t, but failing that, I’ve been known to rewrite song lyrics, sort of like a female Al Yankovic (Allie Yankovic?), except maybe not as weird. A few years back, I was feeling particularly musical, so […]

Getting The News

Welcome to the Club. You all know what news I’m talking about.  The return call from the doctor who says, “I really didn’t want to tell you over the phone, but…”  The call from the nurse navigator who says, “Where are you right now? Are you alone?”  The follow-up office visit that begins with, “I […]

What’s In A Name

Hooters. Knockers.  The Girls.  Cupcakes.  Muffins.  Tits.  Titties.  Melons.  Rack.  Bags.  Milk pails.  Tatas. Boobs.  Boobies.  Jugs. Do these words tell you anything about the reality of breast cancer?  Me either. Nor do they tell you anything about women.  What they do tell you about is how our culture labels women.  At best, what they […]