Heaven knows what I was thinking. When I made this an official blog on January 1st, 2009, I can’t even tell you why I opted for a WordPress blog. Well, actually I can: because it was free. I was already paying for a hosted website (KKsPhotos.com), and I could start a WordPress blog as a […]

Blogging In Russian

I seem to be getting a lot of comments from Russian-speaking WordPress bloggers lately, which is unfair because if I visit their WordPress blogs, they are in Russian (at least I think it’s Russian) and I cannot speak or read Russian, so I can’t find out anything about my Russian readers unless I get myself […]

New Year, New Blog, New Cold…

Good morning, everyone. This was, in many ways, the perfect weekend for me to start a new blog using software that I am (almost) completely baffled by. I worked on New Year’s Day (yes, I know — don’t you feel sorry for me???) & suddenly was struck by a cold — runny nose, sneezing, many […]